First Rendering, Need Pointers

Hello out there, this is my first shot at a photoshop rendering, looking for some feedback, sry about the green in the backround, color changed on upload.


Good start. Right now the design looks a bit over simplified, some details could help push it. For instance, there are no part lines on the speaker housing (where 2 pieces of plastic would come together) which right now makes it look like it is possibly milled out of a solid material like aluminum, or wood, or possibly cast out of a solid surface material (there’s a bit about that going around…), this is cool IF it is your intent. If so I would recommend texturing the surface to mimic the material you want it to look like… right now the speaker and the housing look like they are made out of the same material… also possible… IF that is what you are going for, as in the below example: (but notice the part lines)

This picture shows my next point well. Take a look at the light source in the picture above. It does a good job of describing the form. Notice how the darkest area are next to the lightest, really making those corners pop…

My last suggestion would be to nix the background. Since your product has no color at the moment, it dominates, and the green says “I’m on grass” to me. I would go with a subtle simple shadow, or a faded blue stripe (cooler colors tend to recede, while warmer colors tend to pop, even though this is a green, it has a lot of yellow in it.)

Great start! Keep pushing it, would love to see some more.


Yo, what is the best way to apply a texture in photoshop? something like wood, plastic etc?

there’s a filter in photoshop called texturizer, where you can use some predefined textures or use some that you hae created yourself. the ones you create yourself have to be a greyscale psd and works best when they are tileable and where there are clear differences in values.

what i tend to do for renderings in photoshop, especially for wood, is i find a high res image of a wood grain and “place” it on the surface… i do that for all face and play around with the joining edges… a little feather here a little blur there… and so forth… obviously you want to change the illumination (brightness) of the image depending on how the light falls…

i never know if i’m clear or not… just keep asking otherwise!

I also find the best way to do wood grain is to scan a piece of wood you like. Paste it into the file and render light and shadow over top.

an easier way to do this once you already have a gray scale rendering is to put the layer the wood grain is on on multiple or overlay and transform using the warp tool to get the wood grain in perspective.

Another level of detail to consider with products are the radii at each change in surface. In your current sketch, you use an evenly weighted white line. Try using softer light and dark lines to create a more realistic form.

Take this cube as an example. Look at both the edges of each plane and also the silhouette created by the slightly rounded edges. Your design can be as sharp or soft as you like, but being aware of these details can make your renderings look more realistic.

Why can’t I see the posters render??

It was edited, the image was removed.