First post on C77, asking for a little portfolio direction

Hey all,

This is my first post here on Core 77. This place seems like a tremendous resource and I’m glad to be a part.

I’m currently a second semester student at Academy of Art University. I spent two years studying digital art and philosophy at Ursinus College before attending AAU.

Although I’m new to ID, I’d love some good input on my portfolio. I am pretty lost on creating layouts.


not bad.

I guess it’s what they always say: show more process.

Your teapot is clearly the most refined project of yours but show some sketches, mock-ups and models.

I didn’t get that illustrator-car-sketch thing… what is that?

I really do need to get the sketches all together. That’s next on the list. I have them for the Laser gun as well.

The car sketch was done in Vellum. I did it on my own before our computer drafting teacher came in each class. Should it stay or go? It’s probably the only thing I’ll have relating to cars. I’m doing product.

Also, do you know any free places besides Youtube that I might be able to host my digital video work?


well, if it was me, I would kick the car thing out. Are you interested in cars?
the emphasis on transportation design in the ID world annoys the heck out of me.
Why would you need anything related to cars if your are not looking for a job in that field? It’s almost some kind of weird status thing…

So my suggestion, if your really want a flare of something transportation, them make a few nice renderings instead. Right now it just seems completely detached from everything else.

About the video… you could always host them yourself. Get some server space and put them up.


I love cars but I have no plans to pursue trans design. I’ll take it out then. I have one more project to prep pictures of, too.

… that’s not a sketch.

How about stuff you’ve done on paper? Freehand stuff? That vellum just looks like you’ve traced over a car.

Also, the samsung rendering - Not sure it’s such a good idea to show that and say ‘you see that bit, I rendered that’. Why not try rendering the whole thing instead?

Laser gun looks like it belongs to Marvin the Martian… which I quite like actually! Almost Memphis like in styling.

Remember, you’re showing this to designers, not customers - we want to see the process, whereas customers just buy the result.

Remember, you’re showing this to designers, not customers - we want to see the process, whereas customers just buy the result.

…very good point. I’ll get on it. Also, for the car thing, I’ll get that out of there too. You are right, it isn’t a sketch, but I didn’t trace it!!! Since I have no interest in trans, it dosen’t make any sense. I’m in the process of rounding up freehand sketches, marker work, and sketches that belong with my models so I can scan them.

Also, with the rendering, good point. I’ll finish it up. I think overall I’m rushing building up a portfolio, but it’s nice to start early and hold oneself to the expectation that i’m not just making things, but i’m making a portfolio.

i’m glad you like the laser gun. that was our first ever modeling project.

thanks again.

vimeo would be a nice place to host your video

Exactly, you need to start somewhere and that’s what you’ve done. Would be good to see some of the sketchwork etc when you get it into coroflot.

Good luck man

Thanks a lot for the feedback fellas. I’ll try and make revisions before the weekend. Rounding up and composing the sketches in CS3 will take a little time.

Update! I’ve made a few changes and added some work as well. I’m venturing beyond the topics covered by my classes and have gotten aquatinted with markers and product research. I would love some critical feedback. Currently, I’m learning how to create good presentation boards. Hopefully I’ll have my ideation and processes laid out for my pieces by the end of May.


Love the teapot concept! I’d suggest using a brushed stainless steel as a second color option in place of the red.

I didn’t read all the comments above, but you might want to add some sketches to show some process for these projects.

Thanks a lot Eco. I am in the process of making presentation boards for all of my projects. These will include ideations and process materials.

I just added descriptions to everything, along with some recently finished sketches and an Illustrator rendering. Of course, project presentation boards with ideation still to come. Feedback still welcome!


I just added my final Form Development project. It’s just a few pictures. I have a full presentation for it, but I need to format it for the web. Ideation/conception/inspiration coming for all projects. I get home Saturday and then the free time begins!

Let me know what you think about the new project. Of course, any and all feedback on the rest of the work is welcome. The more I know before I reformat everything, the better it will go.


your photoshop and illustrator skills are really good, you should apply them more to your own design work.

A-ron, what exactly do you mean? Perhaps as part of ideation I should do illustrator renderings of final ideas? I’ve not yet been taught much about the design process, so I need as much help as possible. Also, how do you like the speaker system? I wasn’t fulfilled with the critique I got in class. I’d love more input. Thanks.