First post! Dining chair.

Hi everyone,
I’ve been reading these discussions religiously for years, and until now, have never felt inclined to join in.
I think it may be a result of recently relocating, and feeling a little out of the loop in the area.
I guess I’m just looking for some creative stimulation.
Anyways, I’ll start off with this personal project. Sort of a dining room chair for my own house. Any criticism would be greatly appreciated. It’s still in its early stages so feel free to rip it apart :smiley:
Also, I’m looking for someone in the west MI area who does laminated plywood in small numbers. I’ll eventually want a quote to see exactly how ridiculously expensive this would be to make.


The chairs are nice. The render is very professional. How will you do the metal bending required…that to me would be the hard part.

maxwell or vray?

Thanks Mr-914,
I used to work at a small metal fab shop and we would send out more complicated tube bending like this all the time. I’m not too worried about it, having seen this kind of stuff done before. I’ll just dig through some old contacts.

maxwell or vray?

Maxwell… I’ve been a die hard ever since the terribly slow and buggy first version came out. Still slow, but the realism can’t be beat.

Very nice chair, a few of them will like nice around a table. The base could relate more to the angles of the seatback, rather than just being right angles.

Why contract that stuff out when you could screw it up yourself? Just get a vacuum bag and a welding torch and your ready. Seriously though bending steel rod is easy and pretty fun.,3110,DIY_27284_4938414,00.html

Or you could just buy a similar chair from west elm or ikea, not as nice as yours but probably a lot easier.

Haha… “screw it up” is right. I was thinking about going the DIY way, but if I’m gonna stare at these for the rest of my life, I want them flawless, and I’m afraid that won’t happen if I experiment with them.

I was hoping you would send me a link to a chair that looked EXACTLY the same. The more I look at this chair, the more it looks generic to me. I’m working on a version with 4 legs that will have a little more unique style.

what kind of computer specs do you have to run max also how long was the render time?

good job on lighting as well

Well you are in a good part of the country for getting this stuff made. Looks good, I’d definitely make a mock up to see how comfortable it is and check out the ergos since it is a chair.

I’m guessing that back lumbar area might need some adjusting.

Kershaw- I did this rendering on an old and crappy stock hp pavilion from about 2003. It has a Pentium 4 with 512MB of ram and runs windows xp service pack 2. The original rendering was for 8.5x11 at 300dpi and it took about an hour to render.

Grimble- I will definitely be making a mock up once i feel i have a design i like. I got all the dimensions from a book called human dimension and interior space. It’s a good reference, but I never can’t any book until I feel it for myself.

sorry. I can never TRUST a book until I feel the chair myself.