First Portfolio

Hey guys,

Just finished my first portfolio. I would really appreciate it if anyone would take a look and let me know what you think, where I can improve, etc. Do you think I should add a table of contents, and what do you think of the sketch appendix in the back (leave it or take it out?).


Quinn_ thanks for posting your work. posting and getting feedback always helps in my opinion.

I think my comments on this this are applicable here as well:

not to freak you out but this is what a 4th term student is doing at Art Center, I think 4th term is about the equivalent of midway through sophomore year there.

You see how you can just see how much fun he is having? How prolific he is? How the ideas are very visual even if the sketches are scratch? I think this is a very good bench mark set of work.

@ YO

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely see what you are saying. I tweaked my portfolio some, changed up the layout…tried to make it a little more playful, fun to look at. Hopefully I was able to achieve this. I also added a small sketch & model making excursive to it and a 5 week typography module I did last semester. Trying to show a little more of my personality and what my other interests are.

Any feedback would be much appreciated. I am pretty satisfied with this one and will be sending it out for possible internships this summer, but will definitely be changing it up in the near future!