First Portfolio

Hi there,

This is my first portfolio to be posted online on

Need some feedbacks cos, i’m thinking of putting a personal website to upload my portfolio on flash.

Thank you all.

I thought Roboboy and Scroll were the sharpest designs in the bunch, but the lens flare in Scroll is kind of annoying. These two renderings looked the most like solid objects to me.

Do you have any hand-drawn designs?

I like the flower light idea, but the presentation was a little cheap and Photoshop-y looking.

Simple is beautiful.

Why does everyone like flash so much?

I think it would be much nicer if you unified the slides with common graphical elements. At least putting the graphics in the same location at the same size.

Also, show your process! Design is about ideas. I’m sure you have many, but it would be great if you could show us your thought process on how you arrived at the designs you are showing.

Look for simple ways to visually show your ideas, here are a couple of slides from my folio showing a folding shoe as an example of one way to do it: It’s not a very well designed layout, but it shows a progression of thought.

Hi thanks,

I’m been working a while and reworked my portfolio a little bit. Posted some
process images, sketches in it. Dun understand why coroflot has such limitation on portfolio space.

Thanks for the great advises. I’ll work on it.
Pls look through my latest images. Thanks.