First Portfolio Website :D

hello everyone! just wanted to get some expert feedback on my website to make it better. all designed and coded–well dreamweaver coded :laughing: –anyway would love feedback more on the site rather than the work, as I am in the midst of redesigning and updating my portfolio; mainly, the product and branding segments.

also, what do you think abou tthe name? does it come off pretentious or that i’m totally not taking myself super serious?

Nice and clean.
Smart choice going for html, navigation is simple and quick.
maybe the site is a little tight and menu and content blur together a bit. You can definitely use more space.

Not to sure what is going on in your “about” section… “surf”? “Internship”??
More about you (aside from the info that you are creative) would be good and probably the first thing you should update about your site. Lot of people here check it out when you post a link and it is a missed opportunity if they don’t learn something about you.

Personally, I am not a big fan of the name… but I don’t think it’s a big deal.

thank you bepster for the feedback. the “surf” and “internship” things are just stuff about me that im doing or that i like. i talked with some professionals and they all said they really like to see more about a person than just their designs. i am going to update the about me section today :smiley:

Hey Douglas,

I think it’s a good start but could be better. Couple of problems I have with it;

I think the name is ok, if you’re ok with it. If you don’t feel sheepish telling someone the name of your website and you think the content backs it up then go with it. If you’re wavering on the decision then you should probably just change it.

Why the splash screen? Splash screens are so late 90’s. What’s the purpose? Personally I find them stupid, especially if all you’re doing is clicking someone’s personal logo?
Check out this article from a web professional’s view on them, big take away from the article: splash screens can turn away 25% or more visitors from your site!!! That could be your future employer you’re turning away

This might be a personal preference but I really like designer’s site that hit you with work the second you get there. I’m not going to an ID person’s site to see their Dreamweaver skills I wanna see their work. If it means thumbnails, a background of sketches, something more than just navigation I think you’ll engage your viewer much better and make them want to stay on the site.

Good luck

Wow choto thank you very much for the info. I am not 100% set on anything really so that tip is very much welcome; i will definitely look more into this

by the way, because i have gotten varied answers on this subject, what do you guys think should be in the “about me” section? i was told, and i thought was very good and advice and made sense, that employers, especially design employers, want to see the whole of the person to see if they would make a good fit what the team. what are you guys’ thoughts on that?

went through and made it much smoother and faster–had to teach myself html and css–and im proud of it. i will add more to the about section, but its fine for now i think

so i added a “news” section that links to a wordpress i set up. i would think that it would be far more convenient to have a news feed right in my page; but, is having it navigate to another website ok?

i am in the process of figuring out how to put a wordpress newsfeed in the website. wordpress has tutorials for embedding it, i just don’t have time right now as finals are just around the weekend :slight_smile: