First photoshop rendering, tell me what you think

Hey guys well this is my first attempt at a photoshop rendering I could use some comments concerns criticism and tips from all you talented people :smiley:

115+ views and nobody has bothered to pony up some thoughts.

Well here ya go for what it’s worth:

I think you did a very smart thing by using the photograph of an existing product and “sketching” on top of it. Very much how Harold Belker does it.

For someone starting out, don’t try and get into all the details, like graphics or colors. If you can nail down form and texture first, the rest will be much easier.

As it is right now, it looks kind of flat and washed out.

Don’t worry about reflections or highlights right now. Get the basic matte form down first. That will determine everything else.

Just my humble opinion…

Starting from rendering a matte surface is absolutely right. Also, try to draw a more rounded surface as opposed to simply flat planes. That will train you to understand how light behave on complex surfaces. Also, use real life references such as shining a spot light on an egg to see the shades and shadows.

Thanks guys for posting Im glad someone had somthing to say. Yes I can agree that it looks flat, I think I picked a hard design to deal with for my first rendering, so many panels that are reflexting light different ways. Ill try a matte one next. Thanks again for the tips.

Sorry, this slipped past me.

Good advice above. Also, the thing about a photoshop rendering is that even if the reflections and light sources are perfect, if the drawing isn’t right, it’s still not going to be right. The vehicle photo is in a one point perspective, and your overlayed faring design looks like a straight side view.

I would yecomend you print out the original photo and overlay the design several times (maybe 20-30) and also do some pencil light studies before taking it back into pfotoshop to do a rendering.

It’s your first one, don’t worry, the first is never a keeper. Keep chuggin dude.