First Marker Render Ever.

Now this is going to suck big time because I’ve never done this before and I only had a red Crayola marker and color pencil to work with. But nonetheless, here it is:

I touched it up a bit in photoshop and since I didn’t have a grey marker I didn’t do the rims! And the 3 series is one of my fav cars!

I really need some help with this!

hey man, my first suggestion would be to ditch the crayola and get some prismacolor markers. use those and only those. they’re way more expensive but they work way better. also try using letraset marker-paper. it’s the best in my opinion, some prefer graphics 360 or copic paper, but i think letraset is the best for a rendering (regular [paper absorbs the ink out of the pen more and doesn’t blend well)

ok, so when you get that stuff try working on blending the values more. i would say stick to either marker, or colored pencil at first… mixing both can give odd results… stick to just one at first. Most peiople will do marker for gradients and stuff first then come back with a little pencil to highlight and out line and thats it. maybe give that a shot.

make your transitions between light and dark smoother… since your already using photoshop, i would say work in grayscale, then scan it in, then you han adjust the hue in the levels and get whatever color you want.

post some more!

check out some of these:

yo: that hector realubit sketching demo is real good! thanks for posting that.

i like stuff thats vignetted out like that.

The problem is, most tutorials teach you how to use the mediums, but doesn’t teach you why they are used in that particular way. What I mean is, very few actually teach you the principles of how light bounce off various types of surfaces with respect to the environment that the object is in. It’s science, not art. You can exercise your artistic interpretations all you want after you’ve learnt it.

I wish I can teach you in words but I can’t.

Yo…when did that Design Techniques website go live? I hadn’t seen it before.

I liked your essay. A nice read.

a year or so ago.

Thanks man!

Thanks a lot guys! I’ll look into those tutorials and perhaps getting some decent markers!

Looks nice… :wink:

looks good but I am no fan for color pencils. Either buy more red verion and a blend marker of bush a marker airbrush.