first job

I’m looking for some advice. I graduated a year ago and, because of a lack of confidence in my portfolio, I am just now starting to search for a design job. I’m just wondering if I’ve shot myself in the foot or, if I apply myself, my chances of beign hired are no worse off than when I finished school.

What have you been doing all year long if you didn’t look for job? just curious!


you were an Industrial Design student? if yes,
i did/felt the same as you. for the past year i did two short internships and a design workshop, travelled and did some graphic design freelance work. i re-worked my old projects and got a little more confident, but some stuff can’t be re-enacted, so it’s frustrating some times.

some people will make you feel bad that you’re not hired after a year. but others will tell you it’s luck and don’t stress too much, just do the best you can.

i think as long as we are sketching and thinking, getting inspired and still going after what we want, we’ll be ok. even if our friends are already making money and designing in the real world.

I don’t think you’ve necessarily shot yourself in the foot. I would, however, be prepared to answer questions regarding what you’ve been doing the past year. If you’ve been travelling the world to broaden your design horizons…fine. If you’ve been working on your own projects to improve your portfolio and skills…great. If you’ve been watching reruns of Family Ties for the past year…well, good luck!

If it is indeed the latter, I would work to fill in the blanks in your portfolio quickly, then tell potential employers that you’ve spent the last year reworking your portfolio, etc. etc.

It took me 2 years to land my first full time job in ID once I graduated.

I’m in quite a simular position. I graduated in 2001 without seeking employment right away. I didn’t feel confident in my ability and or grasp of computer skills. Industrial Design school was very intense, and I think I needed time to cool off, reset, and refocus. During that time I’ve worked on my portfolio and kept busy honing my skills with Illustrator, Photoshop, and 3-d Studio max. I’ve also developed an interest in music production using Reason, Ableton Live, and other software programs. As a result of the time dedicated to self, I’m far more focused, calm, and centered. I’ll soon be moving to the San Franciso bay area. Thanks to the time spent alone, I feel I’m in a much better position to present a positive, focused self image. It’s much better than rushing into something because your worried about what someone else might think. It’s more important to act when you feel right about acting than to act because your worried about being judged. When you’re calm and happy with self, the perfect employment situation will line up for you.