First Footwear Design/ Rendering

Hey all,

I’m new here, i’ve never dabbled in footwear design before. Looking for some comments, constructive feedback, opinions, etc. Please Help :slight_smile: Feel free to draw on my image if necessary…

My first impression was that the overall shapes seem too stubby.
Short vamp, blunt toe, shallow collar dip. The silhouettes are not very dynamic. In the end though, this may be just the look you were aiming for if this were a women’s walking shoe, possibly with a steel reinforced toe.
The dominant shapes and lines on both of these shoes is an arc, which only reinforces the stubbiness. Not very “sexy”. Flip the blue line on the left shoe, and remove the Puma logo on the right shoe and you’re in business.
Your shading and subtle texturing looks quite nice though.
Good idea to include all of your materials research as well, I think that is definitely the right approach for the brand.
Overall, good presentation uninspiring shoes.

thank you Robin,

I will definitely consider all of your feedback and I will try again with something new. Any ideas for the next go round to make it more inspiring? Do you have any of your footwear projects/renderings to show me as an example?

Please do have another go at it.
Next time, I suggest that you focus on the shape first. I think I have read that comment more than any other on these forums, and on KG, and on Niketalk before that. Find a shoe that has the shape you want, take a photo and apply your design over it. Not many people can just draw their first car with perfect perspective, same for nailing the silhouette on a shoe.
Beyond that, my REAL advice - not concerning the image but the ideas - is to compare your ideas with your goals. Does the shoe of the future have 25 year old technology in the heel? Does a breathable faux seude do any breathing if its on top of a neoprene booty? Doesn’t this shoe need a pulltab on the front of the booty as well?
As for myself, no I don’t post my work online. Thats beside the point. Look at all of the fantastic work on these forums and on, read all of the footwear threads. They can teach you more than I, and most of these guys are much better designers than me anyway.

I have never do the footwear project.For the footwwear, i think the important thing is that must be suit to the people.the people you want to design for.women /man ,old or young.the shoes must be comfortable,if the shape is very good,but not comfortable,the customer couldn’t buy,at least i wouldn’t buy.
btw,good sketch and rending
just my idea