First Draft

Hey first draft of my portfolio. I am currently having issues with scanning in my sketches. I know that’s a big part but they will be added to where it says ‘SKETCHES’

Also I need to try and compress this to below 4mb if possible? I am assuming compress the images to 200 dpi??


I’ll take the lack of responses as either it’s PERFECT or absolutely HORRID. haha

Hey Hoodzy-

Clean 'folio. Adding those sketches is definitely going to help–if you plan to use it only for screen viewing, you can go as low as 72dpi with little consequence, but if you ever plan on printing it I’d have some 300dpi copies on hand. You might want to make a high-res one and then turn down the settings for screen applications.

Nitpick: page 8 (I think–“Memory,” with the diagram of the nose on it?) seems a little bit sparse. I appreciate that you seem to be going for a minimal aesthetic, but I’d consider making the images on this page bigger.

Be sure to update us when you get those sketches in there, and thanks for the feedback in my own thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Some may disagree but I would say there is too much copy. Portfolio’s are a visual experience, and quite honestly if you have to read a lot about the project you’re probably not communicating well enough in your design story. Quick callouts are important and they suggest what the designer was thinking at the time of the sketch and show thought process. What you have is nice, although it seems like you need more projects. Good job, keep working on it. When are we ever done designing?

Yah it’s really hard for me especially. I’m huge into social sciences so research is a big part. However showing psychological research is hard to do visually. But good point, i’ll have to do some more editing. I really want to add in a train/station I designed however that comes along with a 10 page paper I wrote with it.

I really appreciate the simplicity you are going for in your portfolio. That said, you need some more sketches and process work.

I really don’t care for the graphic treatment you did with “memory” it is every distracting to the eye. I almost don’t even notice the product you have there.

There may be too much wording. Being a visual person, I don’t really care to read a lot about a project. tell the story with your pictures.

I agree with the too much text comment. Didn’t read any of it.

A few bullet points at a larger font can be helpful for a mail in portfolio, the rest should be visual, and at the interview with you there to explain, I don’t need the paragraphs.