first draft portfolio site, feedback?

thanks for looking! :sunglasses:

Hey Dan,

I’m going to be really frank here, so please don’t be offended. (I’m also not going to comment on the work)

  1. This looks really unprofessional. Especially the animated glittery star background.
  2. I don’t agree with the use of tiny square thumbnails that require me to click them to find out what they are. I should be able to have a good idea of what a project is before I click on it. This is especially true in this case because I only get 1-2 images for each project, so it’s not rewarding for me.
  3. I do like that you have expanded the navigation into text at the bottom of each project. That’s a good element you should keep.
  4. I can’t tell what kind of designer you are. You seem to lean more toward the artistic/experimental side of design. There’s little to no rationale given for any of the decisions you make for the projects, but it’s okay if you’re just an experimental designer. Where are you trying to get a job?

Overall, I’m just left confused by the projects and unsure who you are (your about page is also very limited and hard to find… I just happened to click on the dot at the bottom and all I see is an artsy blurred photo).

tarngerine, thanks for the real talk, no offense taken.

  1. ha there it is! i thought about putting a caveat re: the background in my original post because i knew it would be tough to swallow, but i really think it speaks to my personality / design ethos. it’s supposed to be sort of a winking reference to web1.0 / geocities style but i dunno, maybe the wink is too subtle?
  2. i like the general looks of the thumbnails, but i agree that they may be too cryptic. maybe if i set it up so that when you mouse-over an image, it switched to a box containing the name of the object?
  3. thanks!
  4. definitely more interested in the experimental side of the field, so i’m glad that came across. im still a student, so not sure exactly where im looking to get hired. somewhere that shares my general sensibilities i guess, which is why i’ve designed the site to be so… personality-driven?
  1. It’s not coming across well. I would axe it. There are other ways to be “retro”. I think you should be selling your work first, personality second in your portfolio. Personality can come in the ‘about’ section (which you don’t have).
  2. Maybe. Doesn’t look like there’s room in those tiny thumbnails for much text.
  3. You should really find out what places you want to work so you can focus your website a little more. Look at how they show their stuff. If you’re going more for experimental stuff, I think your photographs/renderings need to be better/more dramatic. I would look at IDEO’s “I miss my pencil” for an idea of experimental design documentation.