First contact

My obvious reason to contact a company or a designer is to find a job/intern. The question that I am hesitant is, how do you approach, do you directly ask the question in mail or cold call or first go by asking for portfolio review/ chat/ visiting their studio?

I am planning to spread my career into manageable direction- design, model making, 3D modeling/ CAD, and design research. It seems to be fair to ask designer, researcher for portfolio review. But how can i approach a model shop or CAD studio?

Out of my own experience it is always good to be frank about your intentions.
If you are looking for a hire, then send them an email with your portfolio and explain your reasons and why you are contacting them. Do also mention what you can bring to their business. When you get an answer but not an interview invite, depending on the tone, it might be appropriate to ask for a portfolio review and chat over coffee.

But remember, if anybody of the decision makers meets with you, it means that that they take time out of their very busy schedule. Do come prepared but not desperate. One never knows where contacts might lead or how they will boomerang back to you at some later point.

regardless, good luck!

Thanks Bepster, good suggestion. I have called few locals around here for job. They asked me to send an email to the head person. I am still waiting on the reply. I haven’t got a reply from one which I sent a week ago. What time frame is good for follow up?