First Car Built for disabled

What do you think? I personally am sort of irked that it’s kind of ugly. I could see this becoming a social stigma, and it doesn’t help that it’s not a sexy vehicle. Dunno why FastCo praises it as sexy.

Edit: Really? “S/exy” is still censored? Man.

what exactly was the improvement over this 1990 Plymouth Voyager ?

Did you ever know anyone growing up that had to ride the “short bus” that is stigma!

I agree with the idea, but visually it looks a bit dated and clunky and so the associations might not be good.

Reminds me of this comrade:

The central committee has designed a vehicle for our disabled comrades! Hurrah!

Note this from the Fast Co. article:

The MV-1 will be available to anyone who wants one, from individual consumers to medical services companies, but Schembri says it has particular appeal initially for paratransit fleets and taxis.

This is designed as a fleet vehicle, so it’s a very different design brief than for general sale. Also, I noticed on the VPG website that the assembly is being done by AM General of Hummer fame. That might explain the looks.