First attempt at speedpainting

ive been doin this for about 2 days now, but i still feel like i suck, i cant seem to acquire the look i want; help HELppPPPP, critique me please, give me tips tricks etc, anything that you think can help me suggest it plseae,

Is this a Scott Robertson copy?

2-days is way to long for a ‘speedpainting.’ Try 3 hours.

Put this version on a background layer, put a guassian blur on it, and draw another one on top.

Use fewer and longer penstrokes. Less scribbly details. Simplify. Don’t hand-draw the precision parts like the parting lines on the aircraft. Instead add those last using a path tool.

i was thinking about what to draw and one of his scenes with a jet flying over water poped in my head, but its not a copy, and it took at most an hour and a half to finish, by a couple days i mean ive been practicing and using my new wacom for a couple days, and thanks for the feedback ill try that out :slight_smile:

wat is and how do i use the pathtool

cg_ go easy on the kid, he just graduated from highschool. Pretty amazing stuff really. I think being “inspired” by another image for a practice exercise is good, it gives you a bit of a yardstick to judge your practice render.

He asked for advice!

Just a word of caution on ‘appropriating’ someone elses work without giving full disclosure: If you put this in your college admission portfolio and they aren’t familiar with the original, they’ll give you more credit than is due for the composition. If they are familiar, then they could consider it plagerism.

A safer approach is to copy his work exactly and say so. Copying is a legitimate technique taught in many art schools.

like yo said, this is all practice i just got a fricken wacom 3 days ago, i would never plagerize or copy anyones ideas, i have 2 years until i apply for art center, and i would never put any of this crap in my portfolio, im just trying to get as good as i can as fast as i can, and when i drew this one of scott’s jet scenes popped up into my fricken head so i fricken drew it. cuz its all fricken practIccee.

simmer the frick down
but thx for the comments anyways…i guess

Dude, I think its you that needs to simmer down. If you can’t take that mild criticism (and advice) you are in for a world of hurt at Art Center. You’re first ass-kicking critique (at any school) is a humbling, infuriating, and inevitable.

Not to knock the adivce that you’ve gotten so far from the core board, as it’s been excellent so far, but if you would like to widen your pool of critics, I would highly suggesting starting a thread over at CGsociety
If you’re not familiar with the site, definitely do yourself a favor and explore their 2D drawing boards. It is just brimming with talent, tutorials and people willing to critique and share.
The path tool is the fountain pen looking tool in photoshop that you can use to draw refined curved lines. Do a google search for tutorials on using paths in photoshop.
If you start to hit a wall when you’re working on a piece, just shelve it for a day or two and start on something else.
Keep practicing

ive been taking art center saturday classes for 2 years now with “Tony Yao” if you know who that is, its the instructor hes crazy, ive had my ass handed to me a few times i know what its like, i just got a little angry becuase he said i was plagerizing and was making assumptions that were wrong, which i really hate, and i despise any one who plagorizes, this rendering was just practice for me, tahts all im trying to say, practice, sorry if im a bit cranky, gettin down to the last couple weeks of my art center class and its pretty stressful with all the other things i have going on right now. sorry :slight_smile:

If you had kept this in your own private portfolio as you indicated, that would be one thing…
But you signed it, posted it in a forum of professionals, and took credit for the whole thing.

That’s unethical.

What you should have said was: “Here’s a speedpainting I did in 2 hours inspired by Scott Robertson. Please critique my methods, because I’m not getting the look I want.”

PS: My advice was kind and sincere and I didn’t make any assumptions.

alright, sorry cg, youre right, i just didnt think of doing all that at the time. meh BAD. <3?

Do you know the Gnomon Workshops DVDs?

There are some great tutorials that you sure will enjoy :smiley:

ya lol i actually JUST bought 3 of ryan church’s painter dvds, i cant wAIIITTT to get them. I just got painter x aswell…im excited.

I think that water needs most of the practice. Its characteristics should be based on a different lines. Clouds are much better. The wings are sketched quite nice. Jet might look better if you simplify it.