First Aid Kits Project

First Aid Kits Survey

This is a survey for my studio class this semester, and I’m basing it around First Aid Kits. I will probably have a follow-up survey that I will also post up here as well once I’ve acquired enough responses and analyzed the results of this and started some of the design process. This initial survey shouldn’t take any more than 10 minutes of your time.

I’d also appreciate feedback if there’s something you think I’m maybe missing for the survey, although I feel I’ve covered more than just the basics.

And of course, I’ll share the project as it progresses because of your support in taking part in the survey(s) as well :slight_smile:



Thanks Lmo,
I’ve gotten a good amount of responses but hope to double it in the next week.

So far looking through the results I’m not surprised that most people are typically satisfied with their First Aid Kit. Heck, it’s been around long enough and is such an important tool for non-emergency reasons that it’s contents should be correct, and although not everyone is satisfied I’m not going to strive for that 10-20% extra satisfaction as it’s nearly impossible to satisfy everyone, especially with a product that needs to stay small and limited for easy access and portability.

This survey so far is agreeing with my hypothesis that first aid kits in general are working. But there’s very little that I’ve seen so far that shows good infographics for quick-to-understand instructions, suits maybe a specific need/sport/location, and is easily restockable and notifies people in a simple way when it’s getting low.

Currently I’m wanting to go into a design decision focused on three different aspects of where a first aid kit can/could be put to use. I’ve started my initial research and things seem to be lining up so far with my first two ideas and I hope to be able to pull-off a creative/neat approach. First is an Automotive first aid kit, while they’re somewhat popular I feel there’s still a large opportunity space for improvement. Second is a Animal/Pet first aid kit, my mom is a professional dog handler and trainer (and I used to do it, just not as competitively) and we’ve both been a part of Illinois Doberman Rescue for probably 10 years now - so I have a good background, contacts, and I’ve yet to see too much of this in the market. Third is a Rock Climber first aid kit, and I’ve done little research on this yet but my initial idea was something unique like a first aid kit belt, but I’m sure I’ll conceptualize something different or neat in the end that’s totally different!

Anyways I’d like to hear what people think of the project so far (even though it’s mostly boring research) and maybe show-off some awesome first aid kits you’ve found. I’ve seen a lot so far, but sometimes there’s things you miss, and I’m a stickler for copying ideas if they’re already out there and would really like to avoid that!

Biggest question/barrier if guess is how many people have ever used a first aid kit. I didn’t do the survey yet but I think you need to corallate the results based on use. You might like it but if you’ve never used it the like factor is pretty irrelevant.

Personally I’ve never used or owned a first aid kit so couldn’t even imagine taking one.


Thanks for the input rkuchinsky,
Personally I hadn’t owned a first aid kit before this survey, but had used a few in various locations in the past. And because I’m a dog lover & automobile enthusiast, I know the importance of a first aid kit for both and feel there is a very good direct need for one in both situations and the climbing one is my “go crazy/have fun” ideation, which I’m planning on getting the research and opportunity statements, etc… all the same.

Most of the people that have taken the survey have used a first aid kit, but less actually own one too. So far:
81% of people have used a first aid kit
64.3% own a first aid kit
54.6% have had training on how to use one

As of now I feel that the numbers are slightly high, but I didn’t distribute this survey to groups of people in the medical field or any specific area, but a general population. But I’m still wanting to get another 50 participants before I conclude on the survey. If you haven’t used/owned a first aid kit your survey is just as valid I say. I’ve set-up the questions so you don’t get questions for answering “yes” or “no” to specific questions your answers won’t sway those other answers.

Personal factors influencing ownership of a “First Aid Kit”

a) Eagle Scout; Be Prepared.
b) Personal experience with the need for “emergency” first aid kit at age 20; discovery of fatal car accident in remote area.
c) Employment in Heavy Equipment Operation/Construction Industry
d) Ownership of sailing vessel and participation in deep-water cruising; yer on your own now baby…

I thought you did a good job on the survey. Consider doing a little bit of observational research to find insights that people don’t realize or explain honestly.

Update! :slight_smile:

I had a presentation this project last week and felt very good about my feedback on it, but I would like more.
So I’ve included the 24x18" poster I created for the presentation, along with an audio presentation going over it.

Click the thumbnail for the full-size poster.

If you would like to hear my presentation while looking through the poster, click here.

I would love to hear feedback on this :slight_smile:

Good addition in the research. I hope you have completed the research successfully. Did you posted any follow up thread about this research? I am attending at first aid lessons and that’s why I became interested in your research.