Firms with in-house design teams..

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently graduated in Industrial Design from Loughborough and am currently in the process of speculatively approaching companies, looking for employment.

My question is, is there a database of companies in the UK who have in-house ID teams? There are a multitude of directories of ID consultancies around but nothing for in-house, that i can find anyway. Or is it a case of cold-calling companies and asking them directly?

Cheers for any help


As a training company our sales folks have a database… a list of firms with inside design houses. I will say that design sells and major corporations have figured that out. What country are you looking within? Only UK? And as a part of your continued training I would say cold calls would be good for you. I think most designers once you get them on the phone will be rather nice to you… they remember how it was when they were starting out. This is your opportunity to develop that personality on the phone… and build your database.

We use ACT at work and I always suggest our students do the same. Outlook works too. After about a month of calling you should have a good handle on who uses what software, who has inside design business units and who is hiring. Offer to send your resume to each person you befriend. Next you want to try to keep track of them as they move from job to job. Fro that you need

I dont know of such a database that would be nice though.

yeah search them out then look to see if they have teams over here.

a few I know of in London/South East

Sainsbury…coming soon

There are also a fair few SME compaines who will have in house design teams so its not only the big companies to look at.

Mars Snackfood has one as well

  • Kenwood
  • Flymo
  • Hozelock
  • Glen Dimplex
  • Dyson
  • Virgin
  • Black n Decker

I looked at the Design Council website and ICSID and couldn’t find anything…

But I would put this back to your college and professors and alumni association. They should maintain a list, resources and individual contacts.