Firefox Download Day

I like Firefox. They’re working to set a world record for single day software downloads today…join the fun! :wink:

So far it’s pretty good, notice a little faster load time and images seem to load differently. is a must have plugin!

I can’t get rid of my browsing history…

for example, I type in “g…” in the address bar above… and a blog that starts with a G ( are the first site that pops up.

I normally have it so I can press “g” and then enter so gmail is my first option. fast access to my email.

however, I can’t get rid of either google or genitronsviluppo from my address bar / history, so gmail is the third option.

I highlighted both of them, pressed delete, they go away, but come back immediately after.
emptied the internet browsing history, still there.
exited firefox, restarted it, still there.
restarted the pc, still there.

anyone else run into this issue?

I may be switching back to F2.

I find that to be a bit annoying as well. It seems to use Google directly in the URL window instead of your browsing history. I wonder if there is a knob to fiddle in the settings for that.

For simple login to sites like Gmail, I have created a menu bar at the top that has all of my favorite sites.

If I come up with anything for this I will let you know.

figured it out…

so I have Google and Genitronsviluppo both bookmarked in my bookmark drop down menu.

whenever I press “G” , firefox will pull up a list of recent browsing history… as well as always pull up a list of bookmarks (noted by the little yellow ‘bookmark’ star within the address menu drop down).

the non-bookmarked recent history addresses will show up without the yellow star to the right side.

nice shortcut feature, but screwing me up.

good call with the single click bookmark toolbar, looks like I will need to switch from my current habit, I’m guessing the single click will be roughly twice as fast as the keystroke

It does feel like it loads faster than IE or Safari.

I can’t remember where I first saw the single click shortcut…but it took like 3 clicks to break the older habits. Especially with the 4 or 5 sites that I click through daily (Core77 being one of them, of course :wink: )

Never liked the bookmark toolbar much, infact, don’t have any toolbar except the addressbar. I like my layouts clean. I usually use this option, I believe it comes standard with firefox. Opens all links in seperate tabs.

I like how when you shut it down it asks if you want to save your open tabs so next time you open the browser they just show up. Maybe it did this before but you had to turn it on, i’m not sure. Nice feature.

Ya, I found this a nice addition as well. I tend to not be a checkbox fiddler so I have no idea if this was in there previously or not either.