Firefly Mobile

Firefly Mobile is a mobile phone designed specifically for early and pre-teens, or as they say directly on their site, for kids.

On their about page this product came about because a nice fellow named Don noticed an urgent need in the marketplace. Guess that would be the ‘problem’ that only 1% of kids under 9 own mobile phones.

Previous to this, I’ve only seen one product which was recalled, and the Hasbro ChatNow Welcome To i4u - i4u which was really more of a toy and closer to a walkie-talkie.

This doesnt seem right…or is it just smart marketing and product positioning/development? There is a good commentary on this device over at The Feature, where they suggest this would be bad for the entire mobile industry:

The Barbie pre-paid phone is rumoured to be on its way: Bloomberg - Are you a robot? so it seems it was just bound to happen eventually.