Finishing Tango Black

Hey guys–Any advice on finishing printed tango black parts? They were pressure washed, but its impossible to remove all the support material that way. Would any amount of sanding remove all the support material?


Dish soap, warm water, toothbrush. Then rinse with isopropyl alcohol. Ultrasonic tank also works well.

Thanks, I’ll try that!

Chloe, if your parts have intricate features then soaking your part in 2% caustic soda for two hours will help loosening up the support structure. It also removes the last thin layer that you will be unable to sand off. Alcohol is for drying the part.
If you go for an ultrasonic cleaner, the ones from China do not do much so buy a good one.

Also, there is now a new material, Agilus30, for many applications superior to TangoBlack.

Oh, good to know! Thanks!