Finishing of Amorphous Reception Desk

I’m bidding a custom reception desk that is inspired by Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture. The desk is 15’ long, 8’ deep, amorphous in shape (including many complex curves), and to be finished with a metallic finish (could be actual metal, durable paint, etc.). There will need to be a BBF and a lateral file unit attached.

We’ve thought about using the CNC to cut a stepped profile out of paint-grade MDF, then laminating and sanding the unit before applying the finish coat. We’ve also discussed using a high-density foam with a poured epoxy or fiberglass finish.

Does anybody have thoughts about the best method to construct and / or finish this piece. We are also open to the idea of outsourcing, so let me know if this is something you could do. The job is in the NE USA.

You might consider using powercoat, a few months back saw what I thougth was polished copper on some parts, nope powder coat. As i am sure you know lots of new “chrome” wheels are in fact powdercoated, truly amazing.