Finishing a chemiwood/prolab prototype

Hiya, I’m about to export my CAD files to the CNC milling machine at school, (then wait a couple of days for it to finish cutting! sigh) and I was wondering, when it is complete, how do i visually finish the material?

(one of my teachers calls the material Prolab, our technician calls it Chemiwood …its a brown, dense material)

We’ve only just got the 3-axis milling machine, and this new material (whatever its called), so no-one in the design department really knows how to finish it yet. The tutors said they’d look into it, I thought I’d get one step ahead of the game and see what you guys think!

Chemiwood is a urethane based material … much like Renshape. it should respond well to automotive type coatings.

starting with a primer/surfacer > sanding > more primer/surfacer < final sanding out to 1000 > painting

if you have mating surfaces, make sure you take care not to over paint these areas to avoid interference between surface.