Finishes for an Aluminum Extrusion

Hello Im curious about finishes for an aluminum extrusion enclosure that also includes finning for heat dissipation. I would assume anodizing would not affect the cooling effect of the fins? how about powdercoating, can it be applied in thinly?


Hi Mark,

just give WKW Erbsloeh a call. They are a customer of ours and highly specialized
in the kind of application you are looking into. They supply nearly all the trim for
Porsche and Audi and are doing non decorative parts like radiator tubes, also.


Mo-i thanks i will check them out!

For some reference information on anodizing, go to

As for powder coating, my guess is that it will act as an insulator to some degree. Also, keep in mind that if the part is cycling through a range of temperatures, the thermal expansion might crack the coating, which isn’t flexible… You might be better off with anodizing which is fine for heat sinks.


@warren, that is what I was thinking as well that any added material would only further insulate. Just wanted to post to see if there were any new processes which I was not aware of.

Thanks again