Finished project - as promised. Knife Fork Spoon

I finally completed my Knife fork spoon project - all the way through to final models. As promised (a long time ago) here are some images:

here are the final models
still working on nicer photos - my polishing efforts don’t quite show -

nice work, very restrained and mature. Two things that are pretty mandatory in flatware, and very difficult to pull off. How are they to use? Specifically the spoon?

Thanks Yo,
I wish the maturity and restraint came naturally - I had to reign it in quite a bit from where I started. Pretty typical I guess.
While using they feel familiar and comfortable for the most part - That was one area were i felt I had to make compromises during model making. There was a lot of “this doesn’t feel quite right”. The spoon is the least traditional in its form - It’s pleasing to use though. Most flatware sets come with two spoons, big and small. Some of us prefer the big spoons - this spoon I made is definitely not the big-spoon.