Finished hating the ipad yet?

I was like just about everyone when the ipad came out, complaining about what it wasn’t, or could do. What no Flash? No Camera? No OSX? It’s a big Iphone minus the phone? It’s not a handheld wireless cintiq for under $1000? They named it ipad(insert jokes about feminine hygiene)?

But since then I have been thinking about it and it’s growing on me, and it’s not even out yet! A post on Core77 today from Wired Magazine got me thinking (and loving) even more now. So maybe we can now start talking about what it IS and what it CAN be. The iphone is great, but what makes it really great are the apps, and with anyone being able to create apps it opens up an endless amount of possibilities. So I have no doubt that people will find ways to make the ipad useful in ways we can’t even begin to come up with yet. The Wired Magazine video showed us one big way this can be done. Wired has me sold on the iPad - Core77

I love the idea of having all my favorite magazines with me, being able to have interactive media within my magazine. Advertising can be done in a whole new way that was never possible, or at least usable.

Imagine showing up to a interview and your portfolio is on your ipad, and you can include video, or animated 3D CAD…

And lets not forget this is generation ONE for the ipad. I’m sure the smart folks at apple realized they can release v.2 a year later with a camera and sell even more units to people who have already bought them.

Yeah it’s easy to hate on things, but when you look at things like that you can really see where the UI convergence is going. I agree it’s impossible to judge the iPad as a device - the device is only a small part of that experience, and experiences has been Apples strong suit.

I think once the apps and functionality becomes more mature people will start to see “oh-now I get it”

I also loved the piece on WIRED and iPAD. I do get what iPAD is and what it can do - very exciting. However, iPAD is just one more device for me to CARRY! I have a laptop that can do what iPAD does in a different way. I have a hand held iPhone that can do a lot of things. And, now the iPAD. Most likely I’ll get one!!!

What I need is 3 arms and hands!

Note: The Wired piece was done with Adobe software and shown on an iPad. It’s the slick Adobe software that made the piece good, not the artifact. I’m waiting for someone to really stretch this concept.

I love the capability, but I also think its really funny that this was Adobe’s doing. I wonder if they found a way to make flash work on the iPad?

I was mostly done after the feminine hygiene jokes.

With respect to Flash, HTML 5 is supposed to duplicate a lot of its functionality – and presumably the iPad will have a proper browser. So I don’t see the big deal, at least not in the medium-to-long term.

totally agree. I think the ipad would be an awesome object to own, I thought the wired demo was amzing, but I just don’t want to have another computer in my life… I already have 2 laptops and an iphone to worry about, I personally don’t want to add another

Apple does some great work, but they are not saints doing things for altruistic reasons. This is going to be another revenue creating product and they are creating a new niche. You have to hand it to them, they are awesome at doing that - I’m sure they will make this something everyone will covet by the end of it

Now I hate it even more…

Because now I know I can’t get my hands on that sweet-multitouch big screen.
Why? Because if I’d buy one I’d get frustrated with it. No multitasking, no USB?, Fingerpainting on a tablet? No thank you.
I’ll be frustrated untill the announcement of an Ipad-pro and then I’ll be very impatient :wink:

And yes. The ipad is not such a bad product it’s just not for me.


Have you used SB pro on the iPhone though? It’s pretty darn good. If they have a more powerful ap for the iPad it might do the trick.

The Pontiac Aztek didn’t get any better when third-party companies started offering aftermarket rims and spoilers for it.

I agree, I think Gen 3 or 4 could be really amazing.

Rims and spoilers don’t really effect the user experience of the car, the Aztek was to remain ugly no matter what. And my original point was the iPad “as is” can end up being a really great device. Of course there will be future generations with improvements but if you’re going to hold out based on what it isn’t then you might miss out on what it is.

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed they release an iPad Pro… larger screen with touch sensitivity.

Every designers dream I am sure.

I just don’t get it, I guess it’s trailblazing a new venue in electronics but does that make it good? What’s great about a mouse or tablet or touchpad is the ease of movement, a two inch movement on a mouse is sufficient to bring a cursor accross the screen, now you have to move your entire arm to accomplish the same task…?

Whats up with the border around the entire screen? It looks almost like souped up digital picture frame.

They’ll really have to sell the software/apps and up the computing power, but the inability to perform two tasks at once is weak. Can I surf the web and play a game? No. Can I draw and read the news? Not without launching two separate programs. I’m not sold at all. It’s like a hybrid between a iphone/netbook/ereader and since I already have an iphone and small tablet laptop (which I rarely use anyway), I don’t get it.

I think this will quickly go the way of the Air laptop. It’s flashy it’s neat, I’m sure I’ll see some purchased but for what? I certainly can’t take it to the gym like my phone and I wouldn’t trust it on a business trip where I’d bring my tablet or laptop.

So not everyone is finished hating the iPad yet. The iPad is really a victim of 2 years of being over-hyped. I thought I would be able to put it on the ground and ride it like a hover board from back to the future.

I don’t think moving your hand a grand total of about 9" is exactly going to wear you out.
If anything touching the screen will give you a more intimate experience that will feel far more natural.

I actually reacted on that to when I saw the promo video. It just doesnt look very comfy. Could be that it’s more common to see people move the hands short distances due to trackpads and iphones.


You can mimic this by adjusting your mouse/pointer speed to the slower settings; try this for an hour or two and tell me what you think. It’s not about moving your hand nine inches, it’s about moving your entire arm to perform a task that once was performed by just your hand.

as devils advocate on this moving arm vs moving hand debate…

I have a 12" tablet pc and find that using it, even for web surfing, keeps me much more alert than if I were mousing around. Moving my whole arm keeps my blood flowing a little more or something


I use my tablet most of the time. Oddly enough it get’s in my way when I’m doing 3D in Rhino/ Probably because of the many keyboard commando’s I use.

So no I’d love to get my hand on a good touch-tablet (with stylus plz) < Or use any ‘pen’ that would be %#°/3(0!§!

I’ve been thinking, it doesn’t pay to be an early adopter anymore, does it, especially with Apple, better to wait for #3 or #4 as you say.