finish and color spec?

Anyone have recommendation on how to spec white paint. Pantone does not have white. How about paints such as pearl and gloss finishes? Any catalog or chip sample that can be ordered?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Not an easy one. ppg has some chips along with finishes. There are also RAL numbers. This is a spec that seems to be more popular outside the states. I got a set of chips through the Paul N. Gardner Company ( The most luck I have had with white is dealing with the paint suppliers directly, but it is usually an internal spec used with their paint mix and application process. Pantone says they have a new paint offering, but it’s probably for interiors.

I’m sure DuPont and Sherwin-Williams have chips you can get as well.

Munsell is good too

Thanks, Clyde for the info. Who did contact gardco got get the chip samples? Did you pay for them? I tried calling PPG to get sample chips but they did not want to give them out. Wish Pantone would expand their catalog for product paints.