fine dining in space

Hi core! I just wanted to share my latest project (and senior capstone!), matterware, fine dining in space. I wanted to tackle something fun and futuristic, and I think that creating exciting new experiences for space tourists is a completely unexplored area. I put together some long scrolling pages with a semi in-depth process (it has everything but the form development in CAD and sketching, and the final models) just for you guys, and I’d love to hear what you think. The files were too large for core’s board, so I uploaded them to my website, which you can see here (it’s quite research and process heavy):

There’s also a short version, with just the final designs on it:

And here is a presentation from the middle of the project with more detailed sketching:

And a presentation from further along with CAD development:

Anyways thank you for checking out my capstone, and i’d love to hear what you think.


Nice job Jon! I was in a NASA sponsored class and know that designing for space is quite a challenge! I like where you ended up with the tableware… high end culinary feeling IMO.

I think if you made the “process” section a little less text heavy (difficult to do with all the technical info, but there may be a way) and easier to follow that could round it out great. There is a little divide between the station / interior design and the tableware, as well as final vs. ideation. The process pages seem directly scanned and brought in, but I could see some nice compilation pages with a little rendering to highlight the chosen ideas working well :wink:

Looks great! I didn’t check out the process because downloading a bunch of google drive docs is a hassle. You should post it in here if you want more response.