Fine Art Blogs?

Does anyone know about any Fine Art Related Blogs or communities?
My mother was looking at core77 with me the other day and she was really impressed. She is a fine artist and was wondering if there are any fine arts communities out there?

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My two favorites are

Although they focus more on illustration and graphic work, the stuff featured is generally amazing

Has a street art focus, but posts only the most innovative and impressive work.


tends to post more “traditional” contemporary art. A lot of stuff you might find in ARTFORUM

I would suggest searching by medium as opposed to general art. There are a lot of fine watercolor blogs/sites out there but I only know that from trying to learn to watercolor…

What ever your mom works, I am willing to bet there is a medium focused community around it.

'Preciate it heewack, I’ll give them a look right now.
oh yes, she does mostly arcylic painting and a lot of gesture drawing

If you are interested in fine art sites check out First they make some of the best oil paints & mediums on the planet. Second the Rob Howard is the face of the company ( author of “The illustrator’s and Bible” & “Gouache for the illustrator”). Rob he is very active in the forums with his advice a must for anyone interested in fine arts.

the Smithsonian has an excellent one