Finding the best path for graphic design!

I just moved out to the Seattle area from Montana and am currently looking into going to school to get my degree in Graphics Design. I’m torn on going to a technical school (IADT - International Academy of Design & Tech. or Art Institute of Seattle), or a “University of” system. I’m trying to get professional advice from people in the field to find out which is better and which is realistically looked at by a business (I know that a University of or State University are). I know your portfolio has a lot to do with it. I was wondering if anybody has heard anything on the two technical schools out here and the people that come out of those schools into the field. I’m in much need of advice and trying to make the best decision for my future.

-Side Note: I took a tour of IADT and while the “interview” was going on I asked when they’d need my high school transcript…the answer shocked me: “We don’t need that, I’m going to believe you.” -Hell they called me yesterday night to tell me that I was already accepted. They know I can get the financial aid easy. That right there kind of scared me out of that and the cost for schooling I can’t transfer to any other places besides another one of their campuses. Same for the AIS.