finding modelling foam in the netherlands (or europe).

Hi All,

im working at a pretty new designstudio and in the process of setting up our workshop. Since we have quite a few consumer product clients it would make sense for us to use a lot of foam modelling. but im finding it very VERY hard to find suitable foams (and foamcutters) here. has this kind of modelling gone out of practice?
it used to be that you could find nice styrofoam and poly-urethane plates at DIY stores but they seem to have disappeared. i also used to use yellow foam during my studies but its been ages since ive seen that in hobby or art stores.
so im hoping someone here has some wise words for me. if you know where i can get my hands on some foam, please let me know!


so foam really has gone the way of the dinosaur? anyone?

I take it you’ve tried google, phone directory etc?

yes i have, and i actually did find some building suppliers that should have the right foam. still need to call them though. if they do have the right stuff, I’ll be sure to share. I also asked around within my friend’s circle, several of whom work at other studios. and it just seems foam-modelling really is declining (or being outsourced to specialists/rapid prototyping). seems a pity.

Bit late

Did you try Imbema, they have different construction foams, called Klegecell

Imbema kunststof chemie B.V.


Hey B-art, and thanks for the reply.

Funnily enough I already know Ibema through a project i’m working on, but I thought they only have soft foams. definitely gonna have a look-see now.

I’ve found a couple of places locally where i can get the yellow, non thermo-plast foam. Good prices and nice sizes too. If anyone needs adresses or something, let me know. Still looking for the blue thermo plastic foam though.

B-art, come to think of it, I take it you use automotive clay sometimes, right? May I ask where you’re ordering that from?

I used Chavant (USA) clay in the past. Although there is a Chavant dealer in Holland they do not supply Automotive clay. But you can order that in the UK at SCI.

At the moment I use clay from Kolb (Germany) you can order direct. I got that supplied by a customer i worked for.

I looks I will use clay from Faber in the future Supplied by e new customer.

The Chavant clay packs very well but smells of sulfer a lot.
The Colb clay smells less needs more heat and sticks less wel to it self in different temperatures (cold model+ hot clay)
Faber…still need to feel that.


very very late post, but if you haven’t find the foam yet, you could try this:

Ooo, good one GoranIgor. I’ve already found a supplier much closer to home, but yours could be very useful if i ever get a big enough project. Thanks!