finding it hard to adjust to the mac...

I recently started a new job…where they provided me with a mac. Great I thought at first but I’m now struggling…and a bit lost on what all the fuss is about. Perhaps being a windows user for the past 15yrs i quite a systematic change for me.

does anyone know if you can get a windows skin for the mac? and change all the shortcuts to windows one, as my thumb is starting to ache, talk about bad ergonomics for short cuts…Ctrl+C is must nice than the [apple key]+C, with some thumb under the hand action…just roll your fingers up you have a first to thwack the kooky interface with.

keep it simple give me windows!

–rant over–

Try to keep your thumb on the “Apple” key and use your index finger for “Z”, “X”, “C”, “V”, etc… This works for me. I use a Apple product at work and a PC at home. When I sit down at home after a long day at work it takes me a few seconds to remember the “Ctrl” key.

Hey I was lost for 2 weeks after buying mine. Just keep at it and you’ll be fine. It’s worth it!

apple give free training in most countries. at thier official store… also, u can load windows on ur system via partition

yup install windows and then you can maximize a window