Finding Ideas for Presentation Boards, HELP?

I love design but I can never find unique ideas for 2D presentation Boards. I always see the layouts from other people and they look so sweet. My designs are decent looking but they start to suck whenever I start putting text and color and shapes on my boards that they dont look so good. Any ideas on finding unique ways on creating presentation boards in Illustrator???

This is for my final thesis project and its a new garden utility cart so im thinking green colors thats all I got! please help me! :neutral_face:

That part is kind of a different animal… graphic design. Some people have the natural eye for it, some …don’t. I’ve seen nice projects having boring or lameass layouts all the time.

Try making a folder on your computer then go harvesting for images from the tons of online portfolio pieces. Scroll through them and get some insiration. Get an idea of what specific elements that you are attracted to.
Everyone has their own flavor, but there are those that have none. or what they have is just…brown.

I think of how to tell the story more than making it look flashy. When you are able to tell the story effectively, that’s all it matters. Personally I seldom use graphics such as frames or shapes in my presentation. It’s usually a logo, title, description and sketches/renderings.

Hihi molested_cow,

My guess is, its pretty alright to have a simple presentation board.
Keep it simple, focus on the story you wish to sell, the key thing that you wish to convey to your audience.

Flashy layouts are nice, but hard to convience the good points of your design. Let your cool design speaks for itself…

Best of luck! Hope my reply isnt too late.
Have fun & enjoy the process!

Agreed Loz -

Flashy presentation boards are great. - IF the design that they are showing is great too. I’ve seen loads of boards where the layout either overpowers or sacrifices telling the story of the product they are there to showcase.

Look at how Apple presents their products. White backgrounds, no flashy fonts.

do you have to do a presentation board? If it’s a senior project, maybe another avenue would help convey the story better. (animation, video, hell, even puppets.)

Presentation boards stay on the wall for the entire time of the presentation or longer, and it allows people to look at your project either from a detailed focus or broad view.

From my observation, not many people are willing to rewatch animations to understand your concept better. So if you didn’t convey the idea on your first play, then chances are you don’t get a second chance.