Finding a mouse for 3d is such a pain!

I do everything with my Wacom but still need a mouse from time to time. Two of my Logitech have gone bad in last two years and each time I struggled finding a decent replacement.

So many crapy overpriced mice out there. Don’t get me started on the middle mouse scroll button that does not click properly. Don’t mind spending $s if I get a solid product but not much solidity out there :imp:

Which mouse are you using for 3d work?

Logitech G9x laser gaming mouse, and Razor Orochi laser in wired configuration.

Logitech MX518 I think, someone recomended it for precision. I was looking for a mouse with a wide and comfortable middle button/scroll wheel. This one doesn’t have that. But it has lasted me 3 years of daily use now. I got a space pilot at the same time so I don’t actually use MMB nearly as much as I would without it.

Thanks guys but those mice are not perfect and way overpriced. Funnily after digging a bit lot of people are recommending the basic Logitech OEM RX250 Optical Mouse :open_mouth:

It’s really cheap so I might give it a shot first. I will assign middle mouse function to the tilt part of the scroller using “Uber Options” software.

1000 dpi normal optical vs 4000-5000 dpi laser, it makes a difference.

As far as mice are concerned, at least for me, the more simple and basic it is the better. Fancy swoopy shapes and buttons that get in the way are perhaps more comfortable for short term use, but for prolonged exposure only manage to tick me off. Also a lot of mice visually wear off quickly, you get smooth spots where it seems to have worn off. That also makes me uneasy, visually it just looks ugly and it makes me go “bah!”

This is the one I have. It’s your basic cheap mouse. I believe I paid around 30 dollars. I’ve been using this thing for everything for about 5 years now. Only thing are the little pads on the bottom have worn completely off as I don’t use a mouse pad. But still works great!

Back when I was pumping some serious cad, I really liked this mouse, though I had it in red with these sweet circles printed on it.

Physiologically need-wise, it was super lightweight and slid around well on the desk. It also felt pretty good in the hand, while also looking sweet, helping me achieve “esteem” (see maslow) though it’s “creative” look to the boring sales people.

My boss liked those trackballs, but I could never get used to them.

What are you needing the scroll wheel for? if it is using the third button feature that rotates your view than you might want to think about buying a space navigator instead of a mouse. You can usually find a USB cabled one on ebay for around $120 dollars. It will free up your commands and make you a little faster at getting the and working at the same time.

Here is the mouse I make my Alias students buy, $12 and has that rare middle button. I’ve been using mine for 2 years with no problems -