Finding a job vs Making a job

Hello, i was just wondering, i see so many of you scrambling to find decent work, i was just wondering if any of you have come up with ideas for products that you might as well just, patent, produce, market, and sell for yourself. Are there any do-it-your-selfers here?? Just wondering. Im a (new) mechanical designer, with back ground in machining and manufacturing, and i find myself stuck in a government town waiting for my girlfriend to finish her degree. I’ve always wanted to work for myself more than ive wanted to work for someone else. Im fed up with the type of managers, owners and bosses, that i have worked for here. I see a patern that if you try realy hard, you end up making your superiors look bad, so they find some bullshit reason to get rid of you. I have many idea’s for products at various stages of completion, and have made up my mind to just do it myself. I can design it, i can market it, i can even run most of the machines that would make my products, but my biggest problem is that i have no capitol do get the ball rolling.

I guess i was just wondering if any of you are in such a position. If so what problems do you face, what barriers do you have to getting your idea to market.

I find myself wanting to do the same thing, but for some different reasons. I hear you as far putting your effort toward developing your own vision- its an enticing idea.

So I don’t know, but there are some pretty substantial barriers that you would face- but not insurmountable. I guess the thing that I hear most is that there are lots of things that you can’t anticipate when you strike out on your own- your success/failure is your ability to deal/cope with them…alot of that depends on your financial ability to absorb the problems. the story about the Automoblox (link below) is a pretty typical project, as far as I’m concerned. My experience in house is not disimilar as far as the manufacturing issues go. there are lots of things that will trip you up that you wouldn’t even think of.

thats my inexperienced 2 cents

Thats a great article. He seemed to be unprepared in some areas. Dealing with the chinese seems risky, as it showed that company would just sell off his product despite patent laws. I like how he made the deal to open a line of credit with one company, and only when he had the finnished product in hand would they get paid. That seems like a great safeguard to weed out the bad company’s. I will always do my best to keep my products made right here in north america if i can, but until we change our trade laws, there will always be huge incentive for our people to have products made by chinese “slave” labor. I would be interested in the production workers making my product. For instance when he saw the condition of that factory with the people breathing toxic fumes, poor lighting, rubble. Shit man, i wouldnt trust in getting a decent product out of people working in those conditions. Not to mention, i just wouldnt feel right about them having to work like that because of my product.

No doubt- I worked in the outdoor industry for a couple of years- garments mostly. It is difficult to come to terms with the conditions that people work in to get that $400 goretex jacket made.

consumers, even designers have often taken manufacture for granted. it is a painful process and some bull shit will ALWAYS come-up to pull the nail off of your dealine.
I’ve worked with world top and largest manufactures and my only advise to you dreamers out there is to BE SPECIFIC of what you ask of the manufacture. Also, having a ME team you can trust to accompany you to manufacture inspection is also important…because there are special ways of communications other than just saying to the plant manager,“this is wrong, this gap is not what I meant, etc.”
BTW, dont be suprised about working environment of alot of the chinese manufactures, where masks and protective gear are signs of amature and ignorance.

Yeah, I once went to a bicycling manufacturer in Italy- they were spraying Imron paint - no respirators, no glasses, no ventilation, no nothing. Its not surprizing.

My experience so far with manufacturers in china is that they will still play fast and loose with what you spec- despite lengthy and diverse attempts to control the process. In a relatively short development process, with very simple products (housewares- ceramic, glass, etc.) and pretty much 80% of the process is just getting them to observe the original drawings/specs. We end up having to accept a different product than we expected to get…Is this your experience Zerosoul?

BTW- I saw your website- sweet work.

well…most company with ‘taugh’ in-house wouldnt let manufacture’s ability get in the way of quality production. there are tolerences of error for sure, but not like, for example, from Autoblox’s picture gallery one of the picture showed the manufacture made the little figure’s clothes completely different from the original design…
My experience is mostly with 3C products and I find that manufacture tend to follow our instructions very closely because they understand the risk of delayed schedule. thats why I suggested to accurate description when transfering files so manufactures dont have to ‘think’ for you.