Finding a job for Electrical Engineers

Hi all,

I’m an electrical engineer, about to graduate, and I’m very interested in getting involved in consumer electronics design. The work I enjoy doing tends to align with product design: ID folks design most of the aspects of the product, I design what’s in the product that makes it work.

I’m having a hard time finding work in this area. Is it just me or does it tend to be that smaller design firms don’t care to deal with someone without experience and just want to hire on experience, only?

I’m looking to work in this field and am seeking some ideas or suggestions on how to go about this. Any PD folks out there know about the EE side of things and how I could get involved? Suggested cities/companies/tactics?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

You might do weel getting some experience at a more engineering based firm that has ID like:

Thanks for the suggestion yo.

Are you aware of any directories or industry organizations of that niche of companies I could browse through?

How about here?