Find place to live around Domus in Milano Italy

I am going to study at Domus in three weeks.
Could anyone provide me some informations about rental apartment?
I am going there with my wife and a little boy.
Thanks in advance.


…try or or email the academy for acommodation. they have a seperate office for things like that
do you speak italian? might be helpful, because italians speak very little english. i’ve been to milan all of last year and experienced that…

stay in a 4 star hotel. some have elevators some don’t. i think you can get one for 30-35 euros /day. they also vary in quality - better ones go up to 150 euros/day.

you get breakfast and room service.

try near loreto area.

^my post

btw i meant 2 - 3 stars might not have elevators.

Thanks a lot, guys

i found this site with the subway map. you can search for hotels between piazza republica to loreto. it’s close to train station which has a shuttle to airport and practical if you want to go to other cities on weekends. also close to duomo, just a couple of stops.

btw don’t sign any contracts over a month!