Financing 2nd Bachelors?

So I am looking to go back for a 2nd Bachelors in ID (1st was in Mech Eng), however, financing a second degree seems to be a lot harder than the first (grant and scholarship-wise).

Anyone who has gotten a 2nd bachelors have any advice? I have looked into Federal stuff, but it seems the only options are loans (not that that is a problem, but I would like to look for scholarship/grants first).

I did a second bachelors for ID and had to pretty much do the majority through loans. You’ll find a lot of scholarships and grants are restrictive to people pursuing their first 4 years of an undergrad degree but there may be degree specific/ merit based scholarships that do not care. Especially in ID you’ll find that there are a lot of “non-traditional” students. If you’re really aggressive about looking and applying you’ll probably find quite a bit but don’t expect it to be similar to your first go around.

Thanks Choto!

Yea, from what I have seen it’s either loans or bust. I’ll definitely keep digging for more scholarships and such. I’m still in the application stage right now, but financial cost is important to me and I want to plan ahead.

Yeah definitely good to plan ahead. Some of my classmates at DAAP were able to change their state residency by second or third year and save about 20K a year in tuition since it’s part of a state university. If it’s something you look into early and get the ball rolling before you start school it could lead to some significant savings over 4 or 5 years assuming you pick a state school.

DAAP is one of the schools I am looking at. Good to know about the residency. I feel like that might not be something many people would think of.

Yeah from what I’ve heard it’s not super easy you have to prove that you’re financially independent (not filling taxes as a dependent) and be a resident for a certain period of time, but definitely worth looking in to and possibly getting a head start on when you pick a school.