Finally made a decision

Hi Guys,

Firstly, I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has given me advice over the last few months about my career.

I have decided to make a change of direction and aim towards becoming a Space Planner and then in time moving toward 3D Visualisation, the thing is, I don’t know how to tailor my CV toward getting a Space Planning job(?)

Has anyone got any experience of this type of role? I have 2D AutoCAD experience, and have worked helping to plan kitchens and domestic interiors in my first job out of uni. I also have experience of Solidworks, ProEngineer, Inventor, Photoshop and I am currently learning 3D Studio Max.

All I’m looking for are some tips as to what points to focus on in my CV, any skills that I need to learn in my spare time and also any ideas of companies to approach in the south east of england or agencies that might be able to help me. Little note though: I must work as part of a team of people doing the same job, that I can learn from - I’m fed up with working totally on my own.

Hopefully someone will have some ideas for me.

Thanks in advance,


Stewie, I think you made the right choice to move towards working with a group. I myself am working towards making this change soon too. As for advice on the CV and job hunting in the New England area I’m sorry I can’t be of much assistance. I will say try your university’s job placement department. They might have contacts that you don’t. I would also working on your sketching abilities, you will always need those in any design related field.

edit: I must have skimmed over England. Sorry about that.

No worries bud, thanks for the reply!! :smiley:

Anyone else got any thoughts or ideas on this please? There are several companies that based on the work on their websites I’d love to work for. But I don’t want to screw up a chance by sending a CV that is not tailored or directed in the right way…

Thanks again in advance.