Finally, a real electric car!

I don’t know who else has ran across this, but this car looks like the real deal: an electric car that delivers!

It has a 250 mile range, re-charges in 3.5 hours, goes 0-100km/h in under 4 seconds and features great handling. Handling really is by Lotus, because it is a Lotus Elise chassis with a new body.

Design: I have to say, I think the front end is too long. Especially considering that the Tesla should no longer have a radiator to fit under the front hood. Other than that, I want one!

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WOW!!! that is nice!!! i love elises’ too, is this really going to drop by 07’?

I hope that the Tesla takes off… Its about time someone built an electric that people will drool over since A/C Propulsion’s T-Zero never materialized and the GM EV1 floundered.

The price is unfortunate, but perhaps the Tesla will help lead the way to electrics for those of us who can’t afford the price tag.

:blush: @Mr-914 flashback bump

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