Finally a good reason to get the apple watch 2

It has Pokemon Go!

Now that it’s waterproof combining it with the swimming app seem like a good idea. Running still seems a bit wierd though as you will need your phone on you.

Apart from that I thought it was a good idea to get rid of the headphone jack on the iphone. I find it a bit weird that they include the lightning to head jack connector with the new iphone. It is nice to do but seems like a bit of a non-apple move.

Anyone else’s thoughts?

I think they couldn’t stand the pressure of all the nay-sayers, is why they chose to include it. Look at how nervous Phil Schiller is when he “breaks the news” at the keynote, he was probably anticipating a big long “boooo”. It’s not going to be there next year when the market is full of Lightning and W1-headphones.