Finally a functional tablet?

So am I the only one whos been waiting for something like this? It’s a tad pricy, but the features are there! I’m just hoping that it actually releases. (I wont be holding my breath)

Wacom digitizer and a powerfull cpu!

definitely not the only one. when i first heard apple was releasing a tablet i was pretty excited, and then it just a giant ipod touch. i hope this thing does see the light of day…

agreed. excited as well… but I really, really want a wacom iPad.
2 issues.
windows 7 (which i actually like) and no apps. Therefore it suffers from the same issues as my current HP tablet. The software just isn’t optimized for tablet use.

oh, and there is no way the battery is going to be any good with those hardware specs.

just can’t have it all, eh? :slight_smile:

Still, even for $1000 it’s at the same price point as a Cintiq 12WX but it’s a fully loaded computer that you can take with you.

Basically a tablet PC without the burden of the keyboard. Even if the battery life is short wouldn’t be bad to carry around and throw some sketches down on the plane. Plus with that CPU and the IPS display it should handle photoshop and sketchbook nicely.

Definitely a better choice than the Cintiq 12" that’s for sure.

Might not be terrible on battery life either - don’t see any specs on the battery pack, but my Alienware 13" has the same CPU with a bigger display, dedicated GPU and a physical HDD and it will get 6 hours with a core I5 CPU. Even if it has 1/3rd the battery that should give you 3 hours of regular work easily.

This is pretty hot, I’ll be watching it to see if it makes it to the light of day.

ah damn, i bought a secondhand macbook 2 months ago. im happy with it but would have held out if i knew this was actually gonna be sold. oh well, let’s hope they start a hype!

Yes, we finally have a contender! The price seems more than reasonable to me considering what you’re getting, the fact that you have a multitouch capacitive screen plus Wacom digitizer enabled screen opens up a whole world of options for rendering workflows. Lots of speculation on Engadget of battery life being around 3.5 hours, which would be acceptable for me.

Pretty nice hands on review of the tablet here. So far sounds pretty sweet!

The stylus interface will still be an issue…
I have seen mice that slip into a PCMCIA slot on a laptop, while not ergo in the sligthest, when dealing with windows they would be a significant step up from the hunt-and-stab method of using a stylus with “desktop Windows.”
I want to see a tablet that utilizes a storable mouse in this way - while any old mouse will do, having one that is “stuck” with your device is much more convenient.

$999, uploaded to Amazon today for pre-order. I like the specs, but I too worried about battery life. But the i series cpu’s are supposed to be much more efficient in handling power than previous c2d’s.

Nice. I’ve been leaning towards the HP Slate 500.

Some differences include both a forward and rear facing camera. Rear facing camera is 3 megapixel instead of 2 but it doesn’t have the led flash. Claims to have 5 hour battery life. Rubber texturized back so you don’t scratch up your shiny new toy. Bluetooth, two USB ports, HDMI port (which makes it hard to connect to older projectors). Only has a 8.9" screen though, and uses the Intel Atom processor. $799 starting price and is currently available.
Picture 1.png

For the price difference I think the Asus is a better deal. $200 gets you a real CPU to run slightly heavier apps like Photoshop and a lot more screen real estate. That extra 200 pixels goes a long way too if you’re sketching or even just browsing. I have a 8.9" netbook and at that resolution your browser title bars and start menu will take up almost a third of the screen.

I wish I had 1100 to spare. I would def preorder the ep 121. 1100 for 64gb ssd and 4gb ram. Thought the maxed version would be more like 14-1500.

I had a look at the HPslate on youtube earlier today, and the stylus interface seemed pretty useless. Choppy and laggy.
Found this e-ink table that seemed a bit “fun” atleast. Drawing on Asus eee note EA800 - YouTube
Camera, notebook and e-reader for about 200bucks.
Amature review:TechnologyGuide - TechTarget
photo:Asus eee note | Asus eee note quick sketch. The wacom is ama… | Flickr

Sorry if its old news, but it was news to me :slight_smile:

Edit: Just noticed that it was a bit laggy to. I hate lag.

Founds this today. A french guy is playing cod4 on the ep121.

The timing seemed right for this Asus Slate EP121;

Just last week, my main sketching tablet (Tecra M7 14.1" loaded up and w/ Nvidia) seemed to die via HDD failure so I frantically started searching for its replacement. Its amazing that in the 4 years since I scratched and clawed to get one of the last M7’s with the Nvidia graphics card no one else has made an equivalent. The 14.1" is barely big enough for an all in one unit, so there’s no way I’d buy a smaller tablet unless it completely rocks (the EP121 is close, more on that down below);

-Gateway was close with 14.1" tablets but only had a few older units (now refurbs) with dedicated graphic cards (if you can find an E-295 with the dedicated ATI graphics, get it!),
-Acer had the 310 Travelmate tablet with a 14.1" but discontinued them long ago (and they all seem to be gone),
-Toshiba let the evil Intel folks decide the fate of their Tecra tablets by moving to Intel integrated (shared) HD graphics cards…unacceptable for running CAD or heavy duty rendering/graphics) and then they also dropped the 14.1" altogether, so they only have 12.1" now and no option for a dedicated graphics card,
-Lenovo has the Thinkpad X series tablets, but only 12.1" and no dedicated graphics card,
-Dell has the XT2 tablet, but only 12.1" and no dedicated graphics card,
-HP’s tm2t is a 12.1" and HAS an option for a dedicated ATI graphics card…but, it’s an HP!
-Fujitsu has a few models of a 13.3" tablet and offers a dedicated graphics card but try building a new one spec’d for what we do and you’ll see a nearly $3K price!

The Honeycomb tablets look awesome (especially the Asus MeMe), but they will be bulked up iPad equivalents, with a smooth OS unable to run our PC required software, so until the Android market has a better ID section :slight_smile:, the EP121 is the best option.

So…back to the EP121. I’ve always wanted something more mobile than my Tecra M7 (having to undock from the Toshiba dock is OK (just one USB to undock from printers, mouse, 2nd monitor, sound equipment, external HDD, docked camera & Droid dock) but then I’m limited by its size and battery, so sketching is still cumbersome. We do have an iPad but it is marginal for ID-work-computing and tends to just be the “pass around surfer, email checker”. So I was as excited as you guys to see the EP121 seemingly cater to us…BUT, I’m just a tad bit concerned by the 12.1" size (smaller gestures would need to be baked into all sketching work) and the graphics card (HD integrated graphics = probably no SolidWorks and even Rhino might become buggy as processor tries to compensate for graphics engine).

So while the EP121 just might be awesome - I’ve decided to wait for Gen2 of that slate (or a competitor) hoping it is given something like the Nvidia Tegra2 to give it graphics performance like my Tecra + Nvidia has always done…in the meantime, I located a refurbed Tecra M7 with Nvidia up in Toronto - its on the way to our studio as I write this! While I load it up I’ll get the other one serviced so that we’ll have two in the studio.

Generator, inc.

comparison to 21"cintiq.

I’m wondering if you can turn off the capacitive touch screen function, would be pretty annoying if every time your palm touched the screen the cursor would skip.

For what it’s worth, most capacative detection is pretty good these days. If you take an iphone or ipad and just slam your wrist into it you generally won’t activate anything cause it realizes theres too many disturbances in the field to be a point source. That also looks like what it’s doing when the guy in the video says it doesn’t respond instantly. It probably waits a second - sees if it can ID a good source, see if it’s detecting the digitizer at the same time (probably automatically disables the touch panel anytime the digitizer sees a signal) and then finally translates that to an input.

The second video in the series uploaded a few posts ago speaks to my concern that the EP121 will be great for light duty email, presentations, sketching but certainly not Rhino, heavy duty Photoshopping, etc…the second video (google or YouTube it) shows some sketching and tools and that’s where the lag starts to happen.

Asus - how about an EP141 (14.1") with an absolute monster CPU and a dedicated GPU from Nvidia. Then, I’ll buy one (or two)!