Final Year Super Yacht Project

Hello all,

So im at a point ,after chatting with tutors at uni, where I no longer feel confident with the aesthetics of my project and would love some out side opinions. (Im in an early stage so changing things is not issue, the only real constraint is rules and regulations).

This yacht is designed for client (hypothetical) who is family man who owns a large business investing and developing green tech, who is passionate about sailing and racing in superyacht regattas. The yacht should represent his personal and business ideology’s. From research the yacht must project a time less quality, sustainability and future luxury whilst maintaining the key characteristics that make a superyacht so unique.

i will upload some sketches later on.

Thanks in Advance

Really hard to tell from the limited images. Most of the outer hull is going to be constrained by engineering and physics, the layout of the decks are going to need to be highly functional, so a lot of the design opportunity is going to be in the details… right now, looks like a yacht.

What do you mean “aesthetics of your project”?

You seem to have a very specific persona in mind for the yacht, but it is not coming across at all. It just looks like a boat with some diagrams for where the guests go. How is this sustainable? Where is the green tech? What makes this one fit in a superyacht regatta? I feel like you just threw a bunch of words to describe a person and then drew a boat.

Where is the process? Why does this form make sense for this persona? I’m missing a lot of the how and why here.

Could you clarify where you are in this project? Is this the beginning? I think the fact that you decided to postpone uploading sketches is raising a lot of questions from us that distract from what you are asking for.

Ok this may be long winded!

I am in the fairly early stage of refining the concept going down through development, lately i have been spending a lot of time on the general arrangement and engineering ensuring it meets rules regs, especially mlc 2006 for the crew living accommodation (they will soon legally need and specific m2 of accommodation) and crew/geust flow. Essentially getting the package down so that it works, can be built in the next 10years and most importantly floats with some performance for racing. A good solid base for the project.

On the sustainability issue current notations all focus around pollution of the air and of the sea, NOx SOx emissions and pollution through bilge and ballast water. This yacht aims to surpass these.
This yacht aims to use biological and technological metabolising materials (where regulations allow, i.e. fire risk, bulkheads and insulation may have to be “conventional” materials). These will be used in key features through out the interior, for example bamboo, basalt fibre, bolditop and bolditop jewel flooring, Curv, Corian, Esthec composite decking replacing teak decking, woods sourced from sustainable forestry. Im in two minds whether to use recycled materials as this may reduce the exceptional quality that is expected on board superyachts.
Operationally the yacht will run on diesel electric propulsion, with lithium ion batterys allow for “zero emmsion” mode (these can be cooled through pumping seawater round them). Roughly I will need 12tons of batteries for 12hours of propulsion on full load (12tons is handy for ballast). Batterys will be charged through shaft generators and flexible photovoltaic cells on the main sail, and supplemented by the generators. I would love to use a hydrogen power production but realisticly they are to expensive, however the standard generators can be removed on her first refit and replaced by a more green power plant. Plus a large sailing rig so it wont be running all the time on engine power.

In terms of aesthetics, does this boat look like its worth 60million pounds from the outside? Visually Sloop or ketch rig? My current window arrangement and how this affects the graphics. Im sorry i dont have my sketches scanned in, i will post some tomorrow.

ketch rig:

The research behind the project is in the image attached below, in summary my conclusions are:

With the yacht industry showing the early signs of recovery, any new design must be tailored to the new economic climate. New clients are more likely to have never owned a large yacht before. They will be less inclined to make large risky investments on unproven technologies, and will want more for their money on a tighter budget. Yachts of the future have to take into account the new “green” trend that is emerging throughout industrial design and the wider world; they have to be more representative of the owners and their businesses ideologies . They must be at the forefront of future luxury, yet still hold true to the classic ideology of the Superyacht.


there just isn’t a lot of real design substance. You’ve shown a lot research, and some diagrams, but I don’t think that is what you are trying to highlight here. The drawings are confusing and dont give any detail on what may be unique or desirable about this yacht. Try some 3/4 views of the thing, nix the drawing with the sails (sails are way too distracting) maybe even put a human or two nearby for some scale reference.

Represent in clear detail what this thing is going to look like, or how it’s going to function. Right now you’ve put most of the effort into the research, and unless your goal is to to research professionally, this needs some more work.

Quick google image search for “concept yacht” came up with these which I think have some good angles to benchmark.

The research part is good, but this is a pure desire purchase… I think it might help to build out the world of the purchaser a bit more and show who they aspire to be and what other things are in their lives.

Each view should be giving me information.


Some more bench marks work, check out this guy’s stuff, fantastic:

As Yo stated earlier, you will have allot of restraints to ensure feasibility so the devil will be in the details. Yo did a great job of finding concepts, now print them out and dissect them. Look at how they use the wood in various forms, evaluate the intersecting forms and materials. It looks as if you have a great base now try and build on top of it. Use overlays…

Yikes - lots and lots of text! That may be appropriate for detailed pages of a project book, but it doesn’t really communicate anything about how your yachts design reflects any of those values. You should be able to condense all of your learnings into a few concise key values and then show areas of the design takes those into consideration. Right now if you’ve done that it isn’t clear or apparent through any of your materials.

great pull Yo, those drawings are excellent. very crisp and unique, they give a lot of really important visual information, they are very unique but believable.

Just too many to grab… Mega Sail - MEGA YACHT CONCEPTS

From research the yacht must project a time less quality, sustainability and future luxury > whilst maintaining the key characteristics that make a superyacht so unique. >

I would add that if it looked like a boat it would be more unique… :neutral_face:

OP, any progress?