Final Year Project

Hey Guys!

Basically I am working on my final year project, where I have to design a bike accessory. Therefore I am carrying out a survey to help me define a design language. I am not saying what I have to design so I will not infulance anybody’s answer.
If you would like to help please visit my blog :

I will post all the description and work process right after I obtain survey results.
So if you like cycling and you want to help it would be much appreciated.



cool dude. looking forward to seeing some process. not a biker so didn’t fill out your survey. i’d suggest tumblr for a blog. much cleaner, better way to follow for others who have tumblr.

Good call. Thanks for that. Here is the link:


I am excited to see where this leads. And if it is of any use, I am on a bike 12-16 hours per week commuting and just riding.

I am trying to make that thing as much practical as possible. I am on Engineering degree therefore there is not much support in ID, but I will try do my best to make it amazing and as useful as possible. Thanks for compliting the survey.