Final Year Project

So I’, entering my final year which means its time to come up with a final year project.

I have searched these forums on topics discussed about it, and things such as ‘pick something you will enjoy for the year’ and ‘pick something that is relevant to the field you want to enter after Uni’ makes sense.

Then there was the ‘design something new’ type post, of which it made me really think as so far my thoughts of redesigning an existing product.

To be honest the idea of being able to design anything is overwhelming because of the broad scale of things which I need to narrow down.

So is ‘designing a new product’ important?

Its important as long as it is ‘usefull’ and ‘serves a purpose’, there are too many ‘useless’ and ‘pointless’ products on the market today!

I think you might have to define “new product” for tourself.

Do you mean invent an entirely new product genre?
Do you mean a new product withing an existing product type?

Even if it is an evolution of things on the market it will still be ‘new’.

The hardest thing for me when I was doing my thesis project was setting up some definitions a guidlines for what I wanted out of it. Once te boundaries where in place it all started to come together.

Well if there was a problem which you solved by inventing a product which solves that then its a new product.

Even if it is an evolution of things on the market it will still be ‘new’

Agreed, however it is also a redesign.

Well I want to design or redesign something that is used within the house or kitchen really I think. So just got to get brainstorming.