Final year- Product proposal

Hey everyone.

Its time to pitch my final project proposal to my tutors … well a second attempt since my first 4 proposals had been shut down, lets just say the tutors response was " its all been done before" which resulted in me doing a lot of late nights thinking about my future and being depressed.

So my 2 week break is comming to an end and iv got 2 days to finalise my pitch to the tutors with my proposal.

Proposal - A product that helps consumers control their weight management and the way they think about their food, controlling their calorie intake ( leads into proper meal recipes )

Possible outcomes - Electronic device? a new kitchen appliance? just thoughts about the physical outcome.

Products that are already out there - Meal plans, Recipe books, PDA, Diet pills, Nutritionist.

Any comments are welcome.

I just want to properly explain to my tutor what my goal is and why it is needed. Thanks

“it’s all been done before” … but not by you. This is not your professor’s project, it is yours. You should spend time on what you want to do.

I agree with yo. Do something you are passionate about. Are you really passionate enough that you will want to spend a semester/year working on a product to help manage people’s weight? Maybe you are, but just think about it.

What were your 4 initial proposals? I hope they were a little more in depth that the proposal you outlined here… it might’ve been the way you pitched your proposals, and not the actual content. There are way more products out there than the 5 you mentioned (several of which I don’t agree are in the space you are looking at).

I would prefer not to say. But i will say that i am passionate about this proposal, and will be working on my pitch and adding more depth into this. Thank you both for your replies. Hopefully after another talk with my tutor ill have more to say.

Remember you can allways address a proyect from MANY points of view. Your proyect can be original from a morphological, functional or technological aspect. Depending on where you are in the world, addressing a proyect from the technological point of view for instance making it cheaper, sustainable or easier to build and dissasemble can be very interesting too. Maybe using just local raw material. I wish you success on any approach you take!

Good points, but why bump a topic that’s been inactive for 3 months?

but why bump a topic that’s been inactive for 3 months?

… perhaps because FPM being new to the boards, did not read/see/understand the “date” of the last post in the discussion?

So… . . Nlin… . what was the outcome of your discussions with your tutors?

Decided on going towards furniture design using local material and is currently working on brief for this proposal.

I’ve seen this project many times from students. Not that it is a bad thing, but it will focus your portfolio on furniture because it is manufacturing process oriented vs solving a user problem. If you want to do a furniture project, but still have your portfolio read as general ID, I suggest thinking in terms of contract or RTA furniture for a specific use case that solves a discreet set of usage problems. Do you want to be a furniture designer?

Yes furniture designer is the end game, right now i am trying to find a contractor to start a live project and hopefully fund my end piece.