Final School Decision Made- Massart, CCS, CIA, RIT, CCA


I’ve been accepted to several ID undergraduate programs (product design) and I would love to hear feedback from any past or current students from these schools . The schools I was accepted to are: Massart (in state), CCS, CIA, RIT, and CCA. I have visited each school.


Anyone attend these schools? If so I would love to hear your opinions.


I went to RIT and while I am in a position I love today I had to work my ass off post graduation to get here. the program was good enough program but I think there is a lot to be desired there in terms of outside connections and that they really don’t have an internship program, essentially you are on your own for that. Not to mention the campus culture is…uh…different.

When I graduated in 2010 it seemed as MassArt had a good program going. The other schools you listed I have heard really good things about though I can’t speak for those. I currently work under a person who went to CCS and he does great work.

In the end though it is all what you make of it. Congrats on all the choices.

From my experience with grads, they all seem to have good programs to carrying degrees. I think it is more about where you want to spend the next four years, where you might want to live after graduation, and where you felt the most comfortable/interesting.

CCS grad here (1995, ID with honors). I’d earned a business degree before entering CCS and found that to be very helpful. The school itself was top notch. Below are some reasons to consider it as an option;

The education and system within CCS helped me win an IHA award, various scholarships and a consultancy internship all while still attending my last two years there.

Graduation week included a portfolio day that allowed me to present my entire portfolio to GM, LEGO, Hasbro, Proctor & Gamble, Ford and several other big companies.

There was no what-if downtime after graduation, I immediately started a freelance gig with LEGO, a paid project with the Detroit Science Center and then joined GM’s design staff. A few years later, my CCS portfolio was a big reason I so easily rolled into a blue sky role at Black & Decker - that led to 12 years of very valuable global product development employment & knowledge building.

More than anything though, if you’re talented and motivated you will succeed - but I found CCS to be a good environment in which to do so.

Thanks for the input everyone! I have still yet to decide where I’m going to school, so if anyone has any other experience with any of these schools I would love to hear it.

I haven’t been to Detroit, but I’m going to visit CCS this summer and apply to transfer there for next fall. The amount of cool stuff that goes on there is just really awesome.

Also, as a student trying to get into CCS I’d be interested to see what you showed them as far as a portfolio.

Go visit all of them. Otherwise your decision will likely be the wrong one.


The CCS facilities are impressive. Good luck with the visit. May I ask why you are transfering? My portfolio had a combination of perspective and observational drawings. I also made a mock-up of a skateboard truck and a wireframe of a shoe. CCS and CCA are the 2 schools I liked the best after visiting.


I agree that visits are critical. I would have never considered Detroit, but the visit changed my opinion. I also got accepted to SCAD, but the scholarship money was lacking.

Awesome! I’m excited to check them out.

There’s a lot of reasons that I want to transfer to CCS. The main reason is that I want a more creative environment. I have CCS Product Design followed on Facebook, and every week they are doing something really cool, and I feel like I’m not getting that experience and curriculum, especially when it comes to sponsored projects.

Good luck in your decision!

Thanks to everyone for all the help. Very close to a decision. Are there any CIA students or grads out there that can weigh in on Cleveland and its ID program?

The final decision is made! I will will be attending CCA (California College of the Arts). The reasons were: great scholarships, faculty, facilities and location, location, location! Thanks to everyone who provided guidance.

awesome! I’m going to be going there too!