Final Project

Hi, I’m currently doing my final projects for my industrial design diploma.
I really need some guidance from experience people like you, i really appreciate it.

Now, i still in the process of thinking what to do.
How should i even start, the fact that i have to decide what to do for Finals.
Please guide me with some directions.

Thank you!

gotta give us some more to work with here.

What is it you are interested in?
What is the strength of your school?
Are you even passionate about design?
Because I find it always strange when students are completely lost as soon as they have to make their own brief.
This is a creative profession.

Hi there,
actually i wanted to ask what should i focus on not asking what should i be designing.
I was advised to touch on what i can contribute to the society rather than just simply design anything as i like.
My college is just a small school, in my country industrial design is still new.
I am definitely passionate about Design, but too be honest, I’m not as equip as i should be.

I wanted to focus on agricultural product - future plantation system, but too bad that my lecturer responded with a " that’s too theory based "

So, i need some advice to see what the industry needs, what they are looking for. From past students experience POV etc.

Thanks for the feedback too, appreciate it.


oh I think agriculture is a great project.
Urban farming in going to be more and more important in the future.
I am going to a discussion about rooftop farming tomorrow night.

Where are you located?

I’m located in Malaysia.
I guess you’ve heard of it ?

I’m pretty certain most people know of Malaysia. For your project, you can do a lot with agriculture. If you want to go with that route, do a lot of research of what’s out there, new products/projects being developed for that, talk to farmers and see what they want/think/have complaints about/what’s missing/what can be improved/etc. I bet there will be dozens of possible projects that can develop, just do the research and something will pop up.

Vertical farming is becoming more and more the future; there’s tons of electronic-based products you can experiment with too. Remember the project doesn’t have to answer the entire agricultural problem, it may end up being a better wheelbarrow.

I agree with the above; urban farming is definitely intriguing. As this is a final project, you may have enough time to put into designing a whole system (i.e. from the architecture of the place, to tools/devices to plant, water, maintain, prevent crop damage, etc, to transportation of the goods from the farm (like a trolley, small car, etc) to sellers/markets. There’s a wide range of things you could do, and if all of the above components are styled similarly/work together coherently, I think it’d be an awesome project. I’d probably keep in mind that since it’s a final project, consider all the real-world scenarios (marketing/branding, manufacture, location of your farm, context of use). I think that’s what your lecturer meant. Keep it realistic, yet advanced (Advanced but acceptable). I.e. no hovering water cans, robot plowers, etc.

Hi guys!
Thanks for all the feedback & advices.
It’s wonderful hearing from you, now i felt more confident to proceed.
Yep, i will soon visit FAMA - known as Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority for more info.
Visiting farms is a great idea.
Okay, will look into marketing & manufacturing the product too.
It’s an eye opener for me that it can be that wide scope, even ranging from transporting goods to etc.

Once again, thank you! :smiley: