Final Project, Product Design 2 (of 6)


This is my final project from last year. This was a five week topic: the future of audio.

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Uplink is a new type of way to connect with the audio world. Built for active sport enthusiasts, Uplink is a strap system that can be easily integrated into existing hydration packs, or built into a manufacturers next generation product.

Four ultrasound speakers resonate the air within your ears to create sound that only you can hear. After connecting to your mobile device, you can now listen to music, take calls, hear podcasts, or listen to voice guided GPS directions. The personal sound environment enables users to be more alert of their surroundings, as it does not impair hearing of sounds outside the ultrasound zone.

The system features a solar panel to gather energy as you enjoy a trip outdoors. This charges your mobile device and affords infinite power on longer journeys. Controls are ambidextrous and tucked into locations where they will not interfere with activity. A tensioner system allows for the perfect tuning of the sound environment, varying the distance between the speakers.

Thanks, let me know what you think!

I see Conner! Hi, I’m Solomon from PD3.

I think it is a cool concept but I doubt the solar plate will have enough efficiency to power the speaker. I will probably extend the solar plate like half the length of this motorcycle armor and angle the speaker toward the user’s ears.

Hey Solomon, thanks for the input.

The idea with the small solar panel is that by the time flexible speaker tech and ultrasound tech are commercially feasible, solar cells will also be vastly improved.

The speakers are all tilted towards the user about 20 degrees. They should probably be a little more tilted in though to make a better focal point for the sound.

Hope to see you around in the fall!

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