Final Project for Intro Presentation Course, thoughts?

Hello, I’m an Intro student at Wayne State University in ID and have a final presentation for an office space design due Tuesday the 3rd. I was hoping to get some constructive criticism and feedback on my design and layout. (At this point I may be too far along for any kind of drastic changes so keep that in mind if you can). My inspiration for my design are urban lofts and modern furniture. Attached is basically a layout of a few ideation sketches (and no that is not my final layout on the left, just one of my ideas). Any input is greatly appreciated! This summer I plan on doing a LOT of sketching to prepare for the new semester and hope everyone on the site is able to assist me as I improve my skills during that time. For now any input would be greatly appreciated on this current project. :smiley:

EDIT: Finished the presentation and did pretty well. My notes were added later with pen over the presentation (I felt it gave a better feel being handwritten), but these are just the images directly off photoshop. I’ll post the matted presentation later :smiley: