Final Decision: UT austin vs. RIT

Dear friends,

I had choosen RIT as my graduate study of industrial design before. But this morning I received an offer from UT austin.

Firstly is about academic strength:

RIT has a great ID graduate program, they have a lot of great faculty. It is professional program.

UT austin is a famous university but not for Design program, right? The faculty is from a lot of areas: graphic, industrial design, architecture, design criticism, they focus more on the design theory.

I knew one can get a lot from RIT, but what about UTausin? After graduation, students from RIT may go to design companies and consultancy. Where those from UT austin go? **Are they well prepared for a professional after graduate study in UT? Or go on an PHD program and become a professor in the future?**I am a lot concerned about UT. Could any one help me?

Secondly is about finace.

With only 4000$ fellowship, I need another 37000$ for RIT study each year, which means a great amount of money to my family, a very normal family in China. We can afford it, but it really means a lot. If I went to RIT, I must find a job after graduation in the U.S. to earn my money back.

As to UT ausin, I receive a waiver of non-resident portion of tuition + 5000$ felloship, and I need less that 15000$ each year. That is a great relief for my family. But i also want a job in the US afer graduation.

BOth academy and finace as important factors. Could anyone help me ?